Tellaro Labs

Suits and Spooks

Our annual cybersecurity anti-conference held in Washington, D.C in the Spring. and the Securing Mobility Summit held in Los Angeles in the Fall.

Urban Air Mobility

IN DEVELOPMENT – Related to the Uber Elevate program.


Reel Pass is a Chrome browser extension that enables viewers of streaming platforms including Netflix to monetize their personal viewing data. 

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Working on the challenges that matter

Tellaro Labs

Tellaro Labs is named after the beautiful seaside town of Tellaro, Italy where, approximately 350 years ago, a giant octopus rose out of the sea to alert the town to the presence of pirates who had gathered to attack under darkness. Thanks to the actions of the Octopus, the townspeople were able to mount a defense and defeat the pirates.

Tellaro is the umbrella organization for the many diverse security-related projects that we’re working on. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us or join our mailing list.