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Safe House Agenda 15 JUNE 2020


0930: Roger Lanctot (Strategy Analytics) – “COVID19 Impact and Recovery”

A consideration of the impacts of COVID-19 on automotive and transportation technology development and deployment encompassing Connectivity, Mobility, Autonomy, and the shared economy.  Talk will include consumer insights from primary research regarding recovery priorities and concerns – along with strategic initiatives by auto makers, suppliers, and service providers.

1000: Jonathan Tomek (White Ops) – “Grand Theft Botnet”

Sophisticated bots are bad, but botnets are bigger and badder. What can you get away with if you control a massive botnet that includes millions of consumer and enterprise devices that serve billions of fake digital requests that look human? Many, many things of course. Why does it matter to you? One of the biggest reasons is fraud. It’s costing enterprises and governments billions of dollars and malicious actors are not going away anytime soon so let’s discuss the playing field, the methodologies, and how to curb them.

1030: Mark Kortepeter (U.S. Army Colonel, retired) – “Is A Germ Warfare Attack In Our Future?”

Dr. Kortepeter describes crises he dealt with in the containment lab and discusses lessons learned and relevance to COVID-19 and future outbreaks.

1115: BREAK

Fifteen miinute break inbetween speakers.

1130: Carla Bailo (Center for Automotive Research) – “Automotive Industry Update Post-COVID19

Information to be covered includes economics, electrification, and CAV’s/Shared Mobility

1200: Bianca Goodloe (Goodloe Law): – “The Future of Hollywood Production and Distribution Post-COVID19”

In this talk, Bianca continues to explore how the Hollywood system has been shattered by COVID19 and what the future may look like. Her previous talk is available at Suits & Spooks TV..


There won’t be any content shared during this 30 minute period to allow everyone to grab a bite to eat, if desired.

1300: White Ops Demonstration

White Ops protects enterprises from sophisticated bot attacks and fraud across cyber security, programmatic advertising and marketing. Today we verify the humanity of over 5 trillion interactions per week and have gained the trust of top internet platforms and enterprises across the globe

Our mission is to disrupt the economics of cybercrime and we have done so through by taking down bot organizations like 3ve, in collaboration with Google, facebook, FBI and many others by putting bad actors in jail, effectively putting them out of business

Our approach is to stop bad actors who have millions of sophisticated bots at their disposal that live on consumer devices, that look and act human and do bad things. Things like visit websites, click on ads, fill out forms, take over accounts, and commit payment fraud. We stop them. 

1315: Bob Pishue (INRIX) – “COVID19 Impact on Travel Behavior

[Additional content to be added]

1345: Edward Marshall and Richard Perez (Boston Private) – “Family Office in a Post-Pandemic World – Opportunities and Risk Management”

[Additional content to be added]

1430: David Kilcullen (Cordillera Applications Group) – “Urban Violence in a Pandemic-induced recession means more violence to come”

[Additional content to be added]

1500: END

Thank you to our sponsor White Ops. Please visit their website to learn more.

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