May 2, 2019 | Santa Monica, CA

Securing Smart Cities' Mobility Workshop

We cordially invite you to join our first-of-a-kind workshop on how the LA Smart Cities program will work with connected cars to secure data and passengers from malicious attacks.

Michael Weitzenfeld and Rand Waltzman CTO/CIO and Deputy CTO, RAND Corporation


The Think Tank model of collaborative solution and policy design

Rand Waltzman

Engage with LA's Smart Cities Program for securing data between vehicles and infrastructure.

Jeanne Holm

The Importance of Trust in Security and Data-Sharing

Faye Francy

The Connected World - the Internet-of-Things in Transportation

Palo Alto Networks

Securing your software supply chain

Ion Channel

Measuring automated vehicle safety: a case study in balancing risk with uncertainty

Laura Fraade-Blanar

Cost-effective, multi-vehicle solutions agnostic to attack type


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