Nicholas R. Weir

Data Scientist at In-Q-Tel


Nicholas (Nick) is a Data Scientist at CosmiQ Works, an In-Q-Tel (IQT) Lab dedicated to helping U.S. national security agencies, commercial organizations, academia, and nonprofits leverage recent advances in machine learning technologies, particularly computer vision, against remote sensing data sets. Upon joining CosmiQ Works in 2018, Nick also became a Challenge Manager for SpaceNet, a nonprofit LLC collaboration designed to accelerate research in the development of machine learning algorithms for remote sensing and foundational mapping applications, managed by CosmiQ in partnership with DigitalGlobe, Radiant Solutions, Intel Corporation, and Amazon Web Services.  Nick led SpaceNet 4, a global open source coding challenge to optimize building footprint extraction from 27 different collections over Atlanta by DigitalGlobe’s WorldView2 satellite. Prior to CosmiQ Works, Nick was an Insight Health Data Science Fellow in Boston, MA. He completed his bachelor’s degree at Dartmouth College and his PhD in biochemistry at Harvard University, where he developed computer vision techniques for quantitative analysis of microscope images.