John Lewis

Founder and CEO, Intellaegis


John Lewis is the Founder and CEO of Intellaegis, the development company behind the masterQueue® Skip Tracing case management SaaS.

masterQueue has dozens of API’s with the largest data providers to create efficiencies around the importing, sorting, data privacy and workflow management of skip tracing data that’s used to efficiently locate people who typically do not want to be found, and their related vehicles.

John started his career in auto finance as a Repossessor for Chrysler Credit in 1982.  In 1988, John and Perla Lewis started one of the first skip tracing companies in the US; SkipBusters, and they have since founded a total of nine companies, two of which went on to become billion-dollar niche industries in the skip tracing and repossession management space. 

The opportunities to create more efficiencies in Fugitive Recovery, Cold Case and Criminal Investigations using this type of technology in conjunction with other modern criminal investigative technologies is what brings John to this event.