John Gomez

Founder and CEO, Sensato


Started writing software at age 12 cultivating a strong background in advanced technology (AI, agent & predictive systems, enterprise & cloud computing, security) coupled with a strong emphasis on end-user adoption & design. I still write software today & stay current on a variety technologies and platforms. I have a strong interest in the application of gaming technologies to consumer & enterprise solutions as a means to drive adoption and market share.

During my career I have run small (5-10) to large (5000) person organizations that included R&D, product strategy, planning, consulting, product support, sales & marketing. I have been responsible for sales goals of $1B+ and budgets well over $100M. I have international business & product development experience, including international finance, legal & marketing. My industry experience includes healthcare, telecom, media, federal, security, energy and consumer markets.

I have been described as a very hands-on, lead by example leader who does not do well in consensus or political organizations. I focus on long term results that are sustainable which are the outcome of short-term achievements by my teams. I truly believe clear goals, vision and objectives are essential for success as well as highly motivated & aggressive team that love to create great products.

Key Achievements

Selected as one of the top-100 Hispanic IT Leaders 2010
Developed a profitable International business unit from $0 – $100M+ in 36 months that was break even from year one.
Developed the first “healthcare App-Store” for HIT redefining vendor B2B models in HIT.
Revamped a 42 product portfolio that was losing money & market share into the #2 product line in HIT
Turned around the platform and business reducing R&D expense by $14M in 90-days of being hired.
Consulted on Agent Technology for Intel during the Pentium chip rollout.